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The Nova Group is proud to recognize Michael as their brilliant building designer.  He personally oversees every project and conducts most interviews to ensure our client’s liaison is at its best.

Since arriving in Australia over 36 years ago, he registered himself as a competent building designer and even although he holds a Diploma in Architecture from the State University in Bucharest Romania he is proud to make good use of his skills and abilities and provide our clients with his knowledge.

Michael's design work can be as diverse as your needs require. He is personally responsible for designing and project managing over 185 new homes in Noosa Waters and over 360 homes on the Sunshine Coast with several magazines write ups on his projects including best Renovation Awards five times. His designs are varied and versatile and he never seems to run out of ideas, so if you are not quite sure of what you want you can rely on him to take your ideas or dreams and turn them into reality.

When designing any project Michael pays special attention to use of space, natural light, energy efficiency, insulation for all year comfort and functionality of each area within any building no matter what it may be. Continuity in design is very important to create a perfect flow internally and externally, he believes that no matter where you walk around a building you should be able to recognize the design and style as belonging to that building, and more importantly, the attention to the detail that creates a great project outcome.

When Michael manages your project he ensures the tradesperson follow his design concepts to the letter and where they are unsure he will spend the time necessary to show them what needs to be done. As fastidious as he is, in his mind the completion of any project must represent what he promises, therefore short cuts are never tolerated or accepted at the detriment of the design.

NDG prides itself in the timely delivery and  innovative building design solutions embracing environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and using the latest building practice methods to economize on building costs leaving an overall lower carbon foot print. We can provide zero energy homes to anyone in Australia- drastically reducing your power usage. NDG listens to your building design needs offering ideas, suggestions and solutions to provide the best value for money throughout the design process. Their hands on approach ensures you of a successful and quality finished project. The best way to succeed is to let the professionals do the work. As the client, you can be assured to receive the best service and excellent preliminary building design concepts based on your vision. You will experience exceptional attention to detail working with the project management and design team who also aptly perform project management supervision, planning and interior design.
From the beginning, planning and interior design coordination is very important if the project is going to flow smoothly. It is not enough to draw plans without evaluation of the lifestyle of the client and how space can be used to suit individuals. Working collaboratively with clients and sharing their vision, our design team provides practical and functional preliminary and final design concepts. Designing is an art form and really it’s that simple. You either have it or you don’t so trying to get someone who has no training or talent to do your work is not going to provide a positive and successful outcome.
Michael King

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