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Pool Fencing for Australians can save a toddlers life

Posted February 2014

Almost half of all drowning deaths in the 0-5 year age group occur in backyard swimming pools, so pool fencing has an important role to play in preventing these tragic deaths. There are slightly different fencing requirements for pools depending on when and where the pool was installed, and it is good advice to make enquiries with the local Council to ensure your fence complies with legislation. Read full post

Lap Pools for small spaces

November 2013

Do you love the outdoors and especially swimming, but don’t have any room in your yard to a swimming pool; then perhaps a swim spa is right for you? Read full post

Useful shelf tips

November 2013

Adding shelving to as room is like making good use of prime real estate. When we consider that a room normally has 4 walls it makes good sense to use this some of this valuable space for creating shelves for stuff that might otherwise end up limiting the space we have on the floor or bench area. Read full post

Using feature tiles for splashbacks

November 2013

Splashback tiles truly finish off a tiling section. Especially where the major theme of the bathroom or laundry area is to use white tiles, bringing in another colour using feature tiles uplifts the area.  Read full post

Picture hanging made easier

October 2013

Here are some easy guidelines you should follow when attempting to hang a picture on the well. A little more thought is required than simply hammering a nail into a wall. Read full post

Prepare well before laying wall tiles

October 2013

The first step is to inspect the walls and check for any dabs or nails protruding from the wall and remove them making sure that the walls are completely clean and dry. Laying tiles is very easy once you get the hang of it. The secret to any good job is only as good as the preparation. Read full post

Broken grout can lead to mould forming behind the tiles

September 2013

Who likes to step into a shower recess where the grout around the tiles has become discoloured and mould? What about when you wash your hands in a vanity with the same problem. Repairing grout isn’t the easiest of jobs but it has to be one of the most rewarding. Read full post

First Home Owner Grant

September 2013

How are the first home owner grants effecting buyers in each State.
Read full post

Create a home distinction with external moulding

September 2013

How exterior moulding can change the appearance of your house. Different profiles in all kinds of materials allows for individual creativity to have your house stand out from the rest.
Read full post

Lourve windows back in fashion

September 2013

Louvre windows are back in fashion. The materials used to make these windows are versatile and easy to clean and install. Read full post

Landscaping with pavers

August 2013

There are many styles of pavers to choose from when you are looking to do your landscaping from clay, brick to Terracotta. Having choices means you can create an environment that is suitable to your kind of lifestyle. Read full post

Why a soil test and classification is needed

August 2013

To be able to lay a concrete slab for any construction it is important to know the soil type. A standard classification is “M” class whereas the most problematic is the “P” class. Read full post

Making better use of a kitchen

August 2013

When a kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space, what are the alternative options to spending loads of money in remodeling or makeovers? Read full post

Modern Trendy Exterior Wall Cladding

May 2013

Finding the most suitable external cladding for a home is important; it needs to be durable and versatile and tough to withstand the weather elements. Working with wood is the ultimate but the cost of wood today makes it out of reach for most people. We choose the James Hardie product because it looks like wood and has many additional benefits. Read full post

Repairing the roof is critical

April 2013

A damaged roof should never be neglected or overlooked. What might appear to be a small and insignificant in the beginning can become a financial burden for the home owner in the future if the roof damage is not repaired quickly. Read full post

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