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Proudly introducing ourselves as an award winning house designs and renovations builder - Nova Design Group
Proudly introducing ourselves as an award winning house designs and renovations builder - Nova Design Group
Some gallery images of work carried out by Nova Design Group with over 30yrs experience in design
House designs large and small is our business. We are proud to represent Qld's building needs.
Commercial Projects from shop and office refurbishments, renovations and make-overs
Building renovations - One of Queenslands best renovators for all projects large and small. We set and maintain a high standard.
About Us - Nova Design Group - a Queensland based building designer of new homes - no project too small
Good testimonials are priceless. We value all client relationships and work hard to maintain good communcation.
Internet Privacy Policy for the Nova Design Group
Blogs - offering articles and tips of interest to do with the Australian building industry in general
Contact Nova Design Group for your Queensland based new home designs and renovation needs
Home extensions and renovations on the Gold Coast Queensland
Home extensions and renovations Brisbane Queensland
Home Extensions and Renovatiions on the Sunshine Coast
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Blog - Great opportunities for rentals throughout Australia
Blog - Property investors
Blog - Builders slam carbon tax
Blog - Renovations outdoing home building
Articles and Blogs
Blog - Australian housing shortage to get much worse
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Blog - Big Ideas Small Spaces - smart design may challenge our love of huge houses in Australia
Blog - Renovating a kitchen or build new
Blog - Simple advice when making bathroom improvements
Blog - Some useful tips for preparing for a timber deck
Blog - Working with a building designer to create your dream home
Blog - Brickwork renovating - some helpful and useful tips
Blog - Renovating as an investment
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Blog - Australian Garage Conversions | seek expert advice
Blog - If you intend to build a house, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, then take the time to READ and UNDERSTAND the Building Contract!
Blog - Learn the golden rules when looking to buy property
Blog - Kit Home Advantages
Blog - Room design or renovation
Blog - Insulated wall panels used for Kit homes saves on energy costs
Blog - Australian building contract conditions - what you need to know
Blog - Efficient ways to heat the home
Blog - Need some tips on what to do for home improvements?
Blog - Why double glazed windows and doors help to keep a house cool in summer and warm in winter!
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