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house renovations townhouses and apartment designs house renovations townhouses and apartment designs house renovations townhouses and apartment designs

The Nova Group are Queensland based builders and designers who provide exceptional and professional services reflecting decades of practical experience design and project management.

Their building design team works one on one with clients providing cost effective solutions in project developments while creatively turning visions into reality - all within a budget.

Free When you engage Nova building designers to manage your project, the design work will be free. That's right, there will be no charge or fees for any of the preliminary concept drawings.

floor plansThe design team meets every challenge in all new projects undertaken because of their talent and ability to communicate effectively.

They easily interpret ideas and needs and understand how important it is to work together to develop a successful project outcome.

Following 35+ years of experience, the Nova Group talks the building industry language. They enjoy imparting their knowledge and know that experience counts. Their guidance will provide one of the best services money can buy.


big housing spaces

Why are Australians so obsessed
with big housing space?  More ...


granny flats Brisbane

Granny Flats are a cheaper option than a retirement village purchase that erodes the family inheritance and keeps the family apart.


Pool Fencing for Australians can save a toddlers life - Almost half of all drowning deaths in the 0-5 year age group occur in backyard swimming pools, so pool fencing has an important role to play in preventing these tragic deaths. There are slightly different fencing requirements for pools depending on when and where the pool was installed, and it is good advice to make enquiries with the local Council to ensure your fence complies with legislation.
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Lap Pools for small spaces - Do you love the outdoors and especially swimming, but don’t have any room in your yard to a swimming pool; then perhaps a swim spa is right for you?
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Useful shelf tips - Adding shelving to as room is like making good use of prime real estate. When we consider that a room normally has 4 walls it makes good sense to use some of this valuable space... 
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house plans


house designs

house designs

From the Designers Desk:
Michael KingSimplicity and minimalism in architecture really works. Some architects go over-board to make a name for them-selves with designs which are in appropriate and will not stand the test of time.

Making better use of a kitchen - When a kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space, what are the alternative options to spending loads of money in remodeling or makeovers?
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